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Today like always, the creation of Mejana’s accessories has a rich tradition entrusted to craftsmanship. All our handbags are designed and produced entirely by hand from the best Italian artisans, with a meticulous and highly skilled methodology, 365 days a year.

All our handbags are designed and made exclusively for the historic Mejana boutique in Milan, situated in the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

During the production process we select the best vegetal-tanned leathers and the highest standard metal accessories to create excellent, beautiful and long-lasting products.
We are also attentive to international trends and reinterpret them with the taste and character you would expect from our brand, that is loved and appreciated by a refined local and international clientele.
Although not only high quality: Mejana is environmentally conscious. In fact, during every stage of the production the highest sustainability standards are respected.

Four generations of quality!

Mejana brand is nowadays in its fourth generation: secrets of production and design are handed down from father to son and gradually enhance thanks to industry innovations. The centuries-old historicity of our boutique is the best guarantee of reliability, quality and continuity.

Here is the great value of a Mejana handbag: research, design, accurate selection and artisanal proceeding, all for the realization of an exclusive and unique product.